Judging Process

The Harpers Wine Stars offers real buyers’ independent, honest and practical views. The judging is a professional and highly controlled process, assessed by the UK’s most renowned buyers from across the on and off-trade sectors.

★ Round One - The Taste Round

Tasting samples are presented by price, region and style to ensure that each wine is judged fairly and benchmarked against its peers. Each wine will be judged blind on its aroma and taste.

★★ Round Two - The Value Round

Throughout this round wine will still be judged blind. The judges are given the price and target market for each wine. Judges award an additional score against these criteria. 

★★★ Round Three - The Design Round

Wines are shortlisted from the previous rounds to progress to round three. This round is no longer blind – judges can now review each wine in full.   Scores are given for a wine bottle’s design, packaging and labelling.



★★★★ Awards

Awards will be presented for national and regional winners, as well as ‘Star’ accolades for value, taste and design.  

★★★★ Wine Stars Audit 

We will return the judges’ feedback on all wines entered. Feedback will include how the judges scored your wines for taste, look and value. This is a unique feature of Harpers Wine Stars – no other tasting competition gives you the level of feedback we do making Wine Stars not only the most practical for the judging buyer but ALSO for you the producer.

Our Awards Explained

Star of [Country]:

Awarded to the highest-scoring wine of a country.

Star of [Region]:

Awarded to the highest-scoring wine of a region/category headline.

Our Stars Explained

5 Stars:

An outstanding wine that comes highly recommended for its commercial viability - all elements of the product are fantastically well-made and a perfect fit for its target market.

4 Stars:

An extremely good wine that tastes fantastic and is both priced and designed well for its target audience. 

3 Stars:

A good quality wine. All components are well put together and somewhat engages with its target market – improvements can be made throughout different components 

2 Stars:

A satisfactory product that is well-made but needs some work on various components in order to better appeal to its target market.

1 Star:

An adequate package where there is room for improvement on each component for the product to appeal to its target market and therefore increase its commercial viability. 

No Star:

Work is need on every component to effectively communicate with target market.

Buyers' Favourites

Star Taste:

A country's highest-scoring wine in regard to taste.

Star Value:

A country's highest-scoring wine in regard to value for money.

Star Design:

A country's highest-scoring wine in regards to design, packaging, and labelling.

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